<aside> ⚠️ This is now native functionality.


<aside> ❓ Create synced blocks you can use in any number of places.



  1. Create a block.

  2. Copy the link of the block via its menu, then paste that link into a plain text editor or a code block in Notion.

  3. Remove the part of the link from between the last / and up to and including the #. So for https://www.notion.so/username/abcd1234#efgh5678 remove the abcd1234# to get https://www.notion.so/username/efgh5678

  4. Copy the new link (click the Copy to clipboard button if you used a code block), paste it anywhere in your workspace that you want a new version, then select the Link to Page option. This will display a copy of the block you just created.

    Note: if pasting on the same page as the original you can’t do it at the same "tier" as the original block, otherwise the link will disappear when you click Link to Page.

  5. Edit any instance of the block and the others will update.


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